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  • mhoward98 mhoward98 Nov 29, 2002 11:47 AM Flag

    Long term investors

    Who look at the closing price on a monthly basis should be happy. That is what I do to avoid the headaches caused by cries of manipulation, hedgies, brick walls, and all the other crap on this board.

    Anyhoooo....We closed October at $1.75 and are closing November�s trading today. The price has appreciated (depending on the close) between 30-40% in a month. I can live with that. And this was not the BIG NEWS month we are all anticipating, IMHO.

    So..don't worry, be happy. 30-40% in a month is damn good. An investor should be happy with that or he is not an investor but a gambler.

    Here comes December.