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  • zwallbuster zwallbuster Feb 6, 2003 7:04 AM Flag

    ELN bear trap is now set. R & R time!

    Have it any way you want it, there's not very much more if any thing at all for the greedy or new shorts to feast on.

    A little R and R from here on out will do the trick. Further Reduction of LT debt and gradual Retirement of 15% to 25% of available ELN float and the short dogs will be through hunting here. Elan will rise from the ashes.

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    • once the debt is under control ($3 Billion) and all those billion$ are paid out via shareholder lawsuits, Elan will be bought by BIG PHARMA on the cheap. If I were long I would be taking my profits as this stock has made its bottom fishing run. For all you poor traders who bought this stock above $5, take the tax loss as it may never see $5 again. Still running a $100m QTR operating LOSS, that is a big number on a cash flow basis.

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      • Your point is well taken. But the pumpers on here refuse to believe it. That's the whole issue here. They have no cash to speak of. Selling off assets to pay down debt is a no brainer. What happens after that? They're hinging everything on one drug. How does a company that once had a market cap in the billions have such a major cash crunch. Oh, I'm well aware of the whole ELN fiasco story so no need to rehash it. Falling revenues, no cash, high expenses.

      • Regarding ELN's $3B debt, I read its balance sheet last. Out of this $3B, $1.6B is LONG term debt; not due until 2008 and 2018. Since ELN has about $1.6B cash or equivalent. There is no liquidity problem this year and not likely next year either. I believe if ELN executes its recovery plan well and if there is no major surprises from SEC, this baby has to be a winner.

      • Any shareholder lawsuits should be handled by insurance. Elan will blow through 5...Don't worry about tax loss it will be tax gain this year.