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  • chkpfbeliever chkpfbeliever Mar 18, 2004 4:21 PM Flag

    levon, tough luck for me

    You have too much time on your hand to do a search on me. But I did buy ELN at 19.50 today, still have my short at 16.87.

    But I don't post falsely statements. You're a moron.

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    • This was the part of your past that I found intentionally misleading:
      "The momentum is strong but I'm also afraid that I might have bought too high. What if the SEC came out negative and this stock will dive ?"
      You are trying to influence newbies to sell now, and thereby help to reduce the loss on your earlier short position. To someone reading just this message, they might think it was a long, questioning themselves, rethinking their position. You probably realize that if an SEC decision comes before you cover, you will be in deep Prialt size pain. But I agree with you that the discussion is not worth pursuing further. Matters are way beyond the hands of small investors like ourselves now. We can watch and join the ride.

      If I have really misread your posts, I apologize. I won't post any more on it tonight.
      Best wishes for your financial future.

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