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  • chkpfbeliever chkpfbeliever Mar 23, 2004 10:49 AM Flag


    I'm beating myself now for not buying more yesterday. Just read that ELN dropped 90% in 2002 when the drug was not approved and company had accounting problems. Are they sure 100% this time that Antegren will be approved easily ? If not, then the stock will get slammed.

    Thank goodness I got some long shares too.

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    • This board is too smart for you and I.Everyone but with a few xeceptions are long term players.
      I told you to cover your short around $16.25 and you didn't, then you said that you went long around $19.50 or so.
      What are you asking or telling me now.
      You can't short ELN,they will crush you if you don't believe me ask U&D and BobnMichigan.




    • 100% is just someone's opinion. Nothing goes up like ELn without risk, so its about having a view that justifies taking the risk. Many on this board are so comfortable about their opinions that they have risked millions of PA money. What is so interesting about ELN is that there is an entire community of ELn believers, that have a common assessment of the risk profile, which is that the risks are not nearly as great as perceived and measured by the market. As the market view of risk changes and ELN's price adjust to it true fair value, we believe the PPS will be much higher than it is today. This is investing. And most important, if we right, then we will all make a lot more money. This is not a stock for the faint of heart, but rarely in my life have I had so much conviction in a single stock; hence I own a decent amount of shares (over 20k) and am buying more when the opportunity presents itself to get relatively cheaper shares. When ELn is basing like it is now, it is a good strategy to buy on the dips.

      Good luck to you

      By the way: good morning to you LEVO - I picked 2k more on Friday and 2k more yesterday. Go ELN!!!!