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  • trowynt trowynt Oct 15, 2004 6:04 PM Flag

    ELN on the radio this afternoon....

    Somebody mentioned that ELN would be mentioned on Ground Floor Bio's radio program online this afternoon.

    I had the opportunity (for a change) to listen part of this and, while I got interrupted during part of it, Philip Dunn had a very positive outlook about Elan, saying that he thought Antegren was a "pipeline within a pipeline" and that he thought it was a $10 billion drug.

    He also mentioned the AZ program and thought that the passive approach was in the 2-3 year time frame and the best choice/least risk approach.

    He said if you don't already have the stock, you should be accumulating at these levels. He sounded a lot like some of the folks on this board!

    It was apparent that he also thought that AF from the street was clueless!

    Trowynt (Treefrog's sister)

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    • I couldn't find an archive of anything on their site. (h**p:// -- change ** to tt) Their site is a bit spotty - lots of 'page not found' links.


    • I wonder if the segment that mentioned Elan might be archived on the radio station's website?

    • The theory that the SEC announcement will be the big one that moves the stock has always sounded logical to me- not because it is more important than FDA ann. but because it OPENS THE DOOR to the institutions who already believe the drug to be good but are restricted from buying.
      Isn't it possible that the manipulation (if it really exists) is less to fk the stops and margins and more to keep the price down until they can buy?

    • Hello trowynt,
      I also listened to the radio this afternoon. You for got to mention that the person being interviewed also said that ELN has been presenting its story to institutions in Europe during the last two weeks. He said that many, if not most, of these European institutions can not buy ELN until after the conclusion of the SEC investigation. He left me with the impression that there will be huge demand for shares once the conclusion of the SEC investigation is announced.

      Best Regards,


      PS: He left no doubt that he thought ELN was a strong buy at these levels. He also mentioned that he thought that ELN had "telegraphed" the SEC findings by taking the $55 million in reserves. This is the way I remember the interview. I came away very "jazzed"