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  • dar200 dar200 Feb 7, 2005 1:25 PM Flag

    Neuro1111 re bag dating

    Neuro, you are one step (and a close one at that with your small inventory) above the end user, the patient.

    If you would please be so kind as to post the date you receive a bag dated 12/05, we can calculate how fast end users are running thru BIIB production. When did you get your very first bag? Can you tell us what the expiration date was on that bag or otherwise give us a date you first received a 11/05 dated bag.

    We cannot calculate the consumption rate on 9/04 production until we know the first day 11/05 bags showed up at your level.

    We may not be able to do it with November bags due to lack of a good start date, but we can certainly do it with 12/05 bags if posters provide the information on date first received.

    To illustrate: Suppose the first 12/05 bag (10/04 production) is reported today, 2/7 and the first 01/06 bag (11/04 production) is reported on 2/28. That tells us it took 3 weeks or less to exhaust BIBB's October 2004 production. Conversley, if it takes six weeks to see the first 01/06 bag, it tells us that the current infusion rate is less than October's production rate.

    This info can tell us how fast end users will approach capacity (assuming BIIB is currently producing at capacity), or it will tell us that there is plenty of capacity for all new patients for the near future.

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    • <How's this for an ad hominen attack moron, I work for a living and don't have free time to spend on this board making up bull shit tracking methodologies.>

      I never said YOUR post was an attack on me. It did address my message, and I asked you politely to back up your posts with specifics.

      So, doyle, you are admitting you cannot back up your post saying my methodology was inaccurate due to too many variables. I asked you politely to back up your post with specifics. Now you, like swiss, take the coward's way out.

      My only conclusion is you are a people basher or you just are too stupid to understand the methodology. Crawl back into your hole, asshole. You deserve getting your face rubbed into your unsubstantiated words.

    • check the nasdaq site , AH quotes , at least 50 trades in the 65s

    • CC will tell the entire story.

    • Thank you. You saw an 11/05 expiration vial on 1/31. Another poster saw a 12/05 vial on the same day. This implies to me that whoever supplied the other poster had less inventory than the supplier of your vial.

      As I said, the appearance of a 12/05 vial does not mean that ELN's buyers have exhausted their 11/05 vials. It does mean that ELN is sold out of 11/05 vials (IMO, assuming FIFO shipping).

    • Not correct ! I'm not running away... All I said is that we should wait until after the CC and than start to think again !

      Nothing more nothing less, didn't want to attack you !


    • When cornered with the facts, the cowards run away. Good riddance.

    • You are really disgusting !!!

      Freaks like you have no live !


    • No, swiss. You are ignoring the distinction.
      I posted a proposition. Doyle posted a vague disagreement. I politely asked doyle for specifics, and then you attacked me, not my message. I don't need gin or to cool. I need specific responses from doyle or a retraction or an admission he does not understand it.

      The thing that makes me hot is your unprovoked attack on me, not my message. Don't tell me to cool down until after you post something of substance which relates to the proposition I posted.

      The companies are not going to release the information I am confident can be calculated with end users providing expiration dates. We will soon see whether they do.

      Confine your comments to the substance of my posts, not whether you think I should cool down. With your type of posts to me, I think you should fuck yourself, or at least go away from this board.

    • Thank you. Prior to that info I could only picture in my mind an IV bag hanging over a patient's arm. I think one of the conpanies referred to each infusion product as a "kit".
      In the future I will refer to a vial or kit rather than a bag.

      By using the term "bag" I was trying to describe one dose, ie, one infusion, because so many posts refer to parients, which require 13 infusions in a 12 month period, not a calendar year.

      Thanks again for the date.

    • Well, a warm welcome to you !

      Nice spots, banks, people and nearly the best comfort for living ! Zurich actually named for the most comfortable city on the whole planet !


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