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  • jhn_kwong jhn_kwong Mar 6, 2005 8:55 PM Flag

    ELN = lottery

    at 5.5 per share, this stock is a good lottery pick with 1 to 1 ($10) or even better ($15, $20
    even back to $25= 1:5), the VOLUNTARY WITHDRAWN is no big deal , may soon be found groundless.... why not try this lottery pick, guarenteed gap up someday at open, no need to wait tick by tick. try it if you have strong stomach!

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    • Get better odds in Vegas, and you can have some fun losing your assy.

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      • 3 digit daily number =1000 to 1 odds pays 500 to 1 payou daily 4 digit odds 10,000 to 1 5,000 to 1 payout before taxes kick in. You get a better bet playing in vegas, if the casinos had a 2 to 1 edge in payouts the streets would run with gamblers blood. Elan will stay betwween 4 and 6 for the next 4 months till all patients are tested. JMHO

    • tarado96 Mar 6, 2005 8:57 PM Flag

      A bargain at this price and you know how conservative barron's is.

      close at 7.5 tomorrow.

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      • <Q � Jack Gorman>: Thanks. I just have 2 questions please. Firstly, large just in relation to the
        issue as regards of why didn�t you get a better sense of prevalence and your diagnostic
        differentiation. In the name of prudence I suppose, how long do you think will be prudence to wait
        to get a better sense of that? And secondly and maybe shockingly a simplistic question but, on the
        basis of the monotherapy for Tysabri is off the mark, and on the basis that as you�ve said Kelly that
        you�re kind of guilty until proven innocent, and why hasn�t Avonex been taken off the market?
        <A>: Let me answer that, first and then Lars can go to the first one Jack. Avonex there has been
        no, in the history of Avonex, it was proved that I believe in �96, I has been on the market for nine
        years, there has been no cases of PML with Avonex as a monotherapy. So Avonex from a
        database and a safety point of view, from a monotherapy point of view, has in its life as far as I
        understand that has had no issues of this type of regard.
        <Q � Jack Gorman>: Okay, and that�s sufficient proof from where yourselves and Biogen�s at this
        <A>: Yes I think that the combination or drug effect is something that�s more complicated and
        unknown. Again I would just repeat that many of these patients, these two patients, not only that
        they are combination of Avonex and Tysabri, but there are on multiple other therapies. So the drug
        effect amongst multiple drugs is a, as you know, is a very complicated art to understand and
        predict. And again, that�s one of the reasons why we�ve taken this pause.
        <Q � Jack Gorman>: And the first question.
        <A � Lars Ekman>: The question was, you asked same question as Rich did, that was, long time
        will it take and the answer to that is, it will take some months, we have no setting to take three or
        four months, but it will take some months to work through all of these patients.
        <Q � Jack Gorman>: Okay, that�s good thanks Lars, Thanks Kelly.
        <A>: Thank you.
        <A>: Thanks.

      • The idiot said that Tysabri would be huge. He was dumping shares all week.