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  • creedster_99 creedster_99 Mar 12, 2005 3:34 AM Flag


    Please read my post...

    Basically, random chance does not allow for the development of 2 pts with confirmed PML among roughly 550 patients in the combo trial unless there ia a direct causitive link here.

    Can we conclusively prove it wasn't Tysabri's mech of action???

    My post referenced earlier states it a bit nicer...


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    • I have not seen or read any evidence that these patients had progressive ms. In fact, to my knowledge the criteria of the trial would have ensured no progressive cases were admitted. My neuro has told me that tysabri will not be offered to patients with spms and ppms.

      Just because the patients failed avonex alone does not mean they have progressive ms-in fact if they are still having replapses suggests against a diagnosis of spms or ppms.

      Do you have a link to any evidence they were dx progressive?

    • I was under the impression that they were at different sites - maybe something I interpreted from the BIIB conference call - if they were at the same site we should here about that pretty soon

    • Pinvestment

      Thanks for all you great science posts. You have really been a great help to many. Most of the Long-time Longs have vanished more or less, so you have really become the best poster over the dark days. I hope you can keep the flow going. I have been very busy at my real job on a demanding project, but I hope I can start posting more in about 10 days.

      I took a huge paper lose on 2/28, but I have been buying more ELN shares almost every day. I have talked to sevreal scientists here in the Bay Area, and I remain confident that T ,for mono at least, will return by Aug/Sept with a modifiel label -- we can life with that and so can patients!

      One question if you have time: Do we know if both of these PML patients where reported at the same time and at the same site? I thought I read mention of that in a few posts on this YMB and that was news to me. Thanks much!

      Good Luck LONGS. Please come back to this Board -- together we made it the best there was on Yahoo.

    • if you look at the data from the clinical trial of T and avonex it doesn't look like the addition of avonex to T caused any reduction in relapse rate - it was actually significantly higher in the avonex + tysabri group compared to the tysabri alone group but that was because the patients treated in the avonex + tysabri group were supposed to be sicker - my guess is tha avonex does not add anything to tysabri and I will be posting some interesting information about that in a short time

    • I don't know any more about the patients than has been posted on the this is MS board - only details the most previous treatment - not MS status, relapses, treatments over the last year , whether the melanoma patient was on some form of chemo in the last year etc - I posted last night about the development of PML in patients treated with chemo for melanoma

    • pisdy - I think you are wrong - KM stated that those patients were in that trial because of MS progression - with each progression you get treated with steroids - also remember that the steroid effect is not over when the dose is over - repeated steroid treatment causes a more global reduction in T cell responses - thus a progressive MS patients gets multiple courses of steroid treatments and thus has a lower and lower CTL response over time

      all of the cases that have been posted that link steroid use and PML development have been for the treatment of diseases that require large doses of steroids for extended periods of time - A friend of mine was on high dose steroids for sarcoidosis was more than three months - and that is how you link long term or repeated steroid use to the development of PML

    • 2nd patients didn't have melanoma. What's the connection einstein?

    • If you wait for a day of weakness for KMRT and sell some 90 days calls against it out of the money, it will cushion the downside more than limit upside potential.

      It is a real estate play, and was out of whack at 90 let alone 115.

    • 140 top is a hunch 100 exit point is using 50 day moving average, not a chartist but I do know commercial real estate values in my area and these older big box stores are not bringing top dollar.

    • The voluntary removal of the medicine until efficacy is shown is what is affecting this company. The gloom and doomers are sending shareholders with less cynical views of the financial and litiginous world as a kind of lottery prize into a frenzy.

      For centuries we assumed the Jews thought they deserved to be pissed on, and they were.

      Take a hint from reality and those that fought back at Sobibor and in the ghettos of Warsaw and didn't go down peacefully.

      Get on the phone and email to Congressmen and Senators and enjoin them to limit liability for this great medicine and these two great companies, so others may benefit, and we go on helping those who need it.

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