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  • splintar splintar Mar 12, 2005 8:57 PM Flag

    biogen's political motives going forwar

    I'm concerned about the bean counters at Biogen realizing that Tysabri as a Monotherapy application is going work against their best interest in terms of profit. They won't lie down I don't think and help the FDA determine this, if, in fact, this is the case.

    I see a power struggle developing between Elan and Biogen relative to what and how the data should be interpreted down the road. Biogen doesn't necessarily want to see Tysabri OK'd for monotherapy right now. They would drag their feet a bit if they thought this was going to be the case to milk Avonex as long as possible. Elan really needs to get involved and stay on top of the data and what is really happening.

    I'm concerned that KM may not have the sack to stay in there and fight for the truth. I think he may let Biogen dictate the way this recall is going to proceed. We need a strong board to make sure this will not be the case.

    In a nut shell, I do not trust Biogen. And I believe the executives, through the way they traded on the data (some of them), reflect a greedy culture at that company. I think they have the potential to act like snakes. And I'm not sure if KM needs a wake up call regarding their deep seated motives or not.

    But he should consider it.


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