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  • mardermj mardermj Mar 14, 2005 6:01 PM Flag

    DNA Pop's for Trader's NOT Investors

    Look kids some good news for the guys down the block lifted the sector, but we still got our own aggravation over here.

    Don't be surprised if we saunter back to the low sevens again, but be heartened we react positively to good news within the sector nonetheless.

    In lean times, you take good news where you get it, but if the good news is for the other guys, don't expect it to hang around in our house except for a few hours.

    We gotta hear something positive from the Cowan show on Wednesday, and our guys have to do a good dog and pony show, which aint their speed. Let's hope they got their show biz heads on, let's see where mono therapy plan is going, and let's see what happens in the stock buying community to beat down this overreaction, IMHO, to a minor setback blown ski high out of proportion.

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