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  • mardermj mardermj Mar 20, 2005 6:36 PM Flag

    MS Patients Want Pills Not Needles?

    If I had MS and an intravenous therapy was more efficacious than a pill, I would be out of my mind not to work the best modality.

    If patients are choosing based on convenience or fear of needles, this is insanity, or they do not understand the disease and the impact of those lesions.

    I am dumbfounded by neuro's revelation to the contrary, and more than a bit skeptical on how patients choose.

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    • I have seen the data on this subject, and you would be shocked at how much of a decrease in efficacy patients would put up with to take a pill. The problem is that very few patients present with an MRI so "bad" that we know exactly what their course of disease will be. The first approved oral treatment will get close to 90% of initial treatment. The other DMDs will be used as the needed.

    • I'm an MS patient.

      I found the statement by Neuro1111 interesting in regards to some of his patients favoring a pill over injections or infusion because it is more convenient.

      Actually one of the "selling points" for Tysabri was that it was "more convenient" than daily, every other day, or weekly injections (depending on what your injectible is.)

      Since it was a once a month infusion, much of the info I read stressed that a once a month infusion would be more convenient than injectibles, of course, it's efficacy rate was mentioned also, but the convenience of only having to have an infusion once a month was stressed.

      I, personally, don't find my interferon shots (I take Betaseron, so they're every other day) to be inconvenient. Takes me about 3 minutes and I take them right before bedtime. I don't have side effects, so that might be why I feel that way, and my MS is stable on the Beta, so I was taking a wait and see attitude toward the Tysabri.

      What's convenient to one person may not be convenient to another. Having to go to an infusion center or doctor's office once a month seems much more inconvenient to me than just injecting myself every other day in my own home.

    • We want and desperately need what works. Need I say more?

      The Tysabri Bull and Veteran MSer who had a brief, intimate encounter with the wonders of Tysabri