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  • hymanroz hymanroz Mar 30, 2005 11:06 PM Flag

    Move money to( MCZ)....HERE'S WHY ????


    This company is selling out like mad in stores such as WALMART, BEST BUY, TARGET AND the list goes on and on!!!! p.s. do your own DD and take a look at this company for heaven's sake!!!!! 3 month chart is perfect not to mention a profitable company it is...

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    • On February 23, it hit 29.93. Today, afterhours, I think the low was $3.13. Lady's and Gentlemen, that is a 89.54% drop in just over a month. Even bankrupt companies don't drop this fast! Remember, Elan still has lots of cash. They can use it to buy back stock, buy back debt, do all sorts of things, even sell the company. At afterhour price, the market cap fell to around $1.3 billion. How many companies are lining up to scoop up Elan for a song. JNJ and Pfizer both have market caps of $200. I think they can afford some pocket change to buy up all Elan's patented medical technology -- nano crystals, AD and Parkinson's research, not to mention Prialt and others. Plus, they have cash. This window of opportunity won't last very long.

      If Elan management is to do something for shareholders, they better have a plan and release it before market opens tomorrow, or else you are gonna see some heads rolls, starting with KMs. I think its time KM is released of his duties. He has not done enough to protect shareholders. He has allowed a $30 stock to fall to $3 in one month's time. This is the worst performing stock in history!

      KM better start announcing layoff plans tomorrow to preserve some cash. No need to have all those salespeople twiddling their thumbs doing nothing. Secondly, offer the company up for bidding. Just do something!