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  • ericvondr1 ericvondr1 May 11, 2005 5:47 PM Flag

    i can see a little pullback tomorrow

    IDIOT...pullback was today...or weren't you watching it go from 7.1 on the opening to almost 7.3 then to 6.95 then closing one cent off the high of the day at 7.42...will go near 8 or higher tomorrow...that's why I bought back 31,600 shares at the close at 7.39...

    • Well ericvondr1, I can understand why you are a little intense, having just committed about a quarter million dollars, buying near the high of the day.

      And I am an idiot too, since I also think there could be a pullback, before the next leg up. For a healthy stock, this is normal. If there is not some selling/profit taking along the way, the pullbacks are more severe when they do occur.

      If you expect your 7.39's to go straight up, then you SHOULD be nervous. Either you are not very experienced, or you are way out on a limb here, going for the big score with your quarter mill. That sure is an extraordinarily large retail position. With that kind of capital, why are you such taking such a large position in one issue?

      I am long ELN also, but things are getting a bit irrational here, so I expect to be labeled a short, I suppose. Seems that any tone , other than pure euphoria, is not tolerated. That's ok...if you do well, so do I, and there is no requirement that we like each other in the process.

      This really is none of my business, but I don't react well to your bullying, aggressive type of language. Calling someone an idiot for [without expletive or malice] expressing a view, has just always made my blood boil a bit. Who do you think you ARE?