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  • sponge_bob_is_no_square sponge_bob_is_no_square Aug 3, 2005 11:14 AM Flag

    data is coming

    ". . . I think for ty mono then patience
    becomes even more important . . . ."

    Patients are more important than patience.

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    • i think that the FDA once they have the data will act very quickly if the data is as good as I expect it to be - I think the oct 26/27 drug safety advisory committee or the one a few weeks later will be an appropriate forum - but for reasons I have written before I think if the ty mono data is clean it is a slam dunk in favor of tysabri

      the patients should begin to get the drug shortly thereafter and I think trial patients could get the drug before that once the trials are restarted

      the patience I mention has to do with the idea that ELN can bounce to 12 on the good results I expect - but that news signals to me that ty mono will be a blockbuster and that ELN can go much higher over the next 12 months as tysabri sales grow quickly

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      • I got sick and tired of this word. Whenever a setback occurs, dumbasses always utter the bloody word patience to mis-direct, to cover-up and to give a false sense of hope to injured investors. The real issue here is KM should go to the root source of the problem and correct it pronto. Thus far, he fails. The guilties still enjoy promotions, stock options and other fringes. And poor investors still are asked to be patient after 5 horrific months. IMHO, patience is a dirty word. In due time with prolonged patience, all the ELN investors are dead or dying in their old age. Screw patience. Screw all the morons who dare to utter this dirty word to mis-direct and to cover up management's incompetent.

        The future is NOW!

      • When do you believe TY will be back on the market and comercially available? After the Oct 26/27 meeting?


      • There is a meeting of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation & Research Advisory Committee on Sept 21 & 22.
        Would this be an appropriate quarum for Tysabri review.