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  • dar200 dar200 Mar 6, 2006 1:00 PM Flag

    Benign MS?

    This a quote from a Reuters report:

    <Many MS patients have a "relatively benign disorder" and Tysabri may be too risky for them, the staff said.>

    Benign? Any MS patients here consider their disease benign?

    Tysabri, far and away, produces the greatest reduction in relapses and slows disability progression. I suppose the FDA wants a MS patient to wait until the manifestations of MS are no longer "benign" before taking T.

    Per the above report, if the MS ain't too bad right now, we (FDA) want you to wait until it gets real bad before taking T, even though T can slow down the relapses and disability progression. Such stupidity! Big brother wants to protect MS patients from making their own choices.

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