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  • trader80808 trader80808 Jun 29, 2006 7:49 PM Flag

    Don't put too much weight on Fido's

    There's a very basic tenet in Wall St. and that's the basic understanding that 'institutional buyers' don't just influence the market ... THEY ARE THE MARKET. So they dictate the price of shares.

    Why are you comparing ELN to NBIX. You don't compare them. ELN has approval of Tysabri on both the US and EU market. This time Fido hit the target. And they will keep on accumulating. Why do you think the prices have been held down. It is because accumulation will continue until Fido holds 25% or 30% ownership of ELN. They have been accumulating and the trend has not stopped at all. That alone shows how you need to take Fido pretty seriously.

    At a certain point in the future, they will control the float and thus the price of ELN shares.

    Subj: Don't put too much weight on Fido's
    By: cooldoncool
    Date: 06/29/06 06:20 pm

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