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  • wilsonlinda75 wilsonlinda75 Jul 30, 2008 12:35 PM Flag

    ELN's tysabri worth $30 a share

    all one has to do is look at the $6bill increase in BIIB's market cap this month based on the incredible numbers it gets from its 50% interest in ELN's tysabri......

    so now ELN is down 15-20% from $24 last month before the incredible tysabri news (thats about a $2 billion mkt cap drop) while BIIB gains $6 bill from having half of ELN's tysabri....

    the mathematics on tysabri with est +100,000 patients in 2010 is for +$1 eps for ELN and minimum 30 p/e on that earnigns number now...thats $30 a share....and forget about the value of all of ELN's other drugs under development

    Hmmmm Great Buying time here