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  • bionuthing bionuthing Oct 27, 2008 6:21 PM Flag

    A McCain victory will crash Elan under $5

    The Rep status quo means more SAME OLD SAME OLD.....

    More market crashes
    More corruptions
    Bigger sit-on-their-fat-arses government
    More greedy bankers to rip us off
    More lawyers to milk the public
    More crooked CEO
    More Paulson bailout for his friends
    More transfering of wealth from your 401K to the fat cats

    SAME SAME SAME OLD means Elan under $5.

    Bank on it!

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    • actually since an obama win is factored in a mccain victory would cause a huge rally. Those are the facts for those astute enough to know that at least 7-10% of this recent sell-off was obama related. Mccain is closing but I think obama has the advantage with the voter registration stuff(illegal even). I saw today where one person registered in NY had cast a vote in ohio. She was an organizer in one of these obama oriented get out the vote groups. She has refused to be interviewed but the news said a call to her NY home said she would be back later this week. I think there are some real shady things going on. As I pointed out yesterday think of what the polls would reflect if blacks were voting in even their normal historic patterns. To have 95% voting obama suggests racism beyond any racism the left likes to point at white america. IMHO BBBud

    • BBB, you just walked into a bull trap. Elan is through.

      Barron's death
      Fido pending panic selling
      Obama's victory

      You are done my friend.

    • as if entrusting barney frank, c. schumer, t. kennedy, m. waters, etc. handling your money would give you that warm fuzzy feeling.-bucko

    • as posted turk I bought small at 11 but added with imcl sales huge at 6.80. I don't know what you are waiting for. I also think any imcl follower who doesn't take a hard look at sgen for the long term is crazy. PML is a non factor here unless 33 more cases show up in the next week and sgen has a ton of candidates and ongoing phase I and II trials for some big cancers- It is a mab company at the stage imcl was years ago. FWIW IMHO

    • time to buy beachy?

    • Turk-I have played this game twice and won here and I will win even bigger this time because I have an even bigger stake and once again paid single digits for the bulk of it. PML is know for ty and it is suggested 1:1000 and yet only a handfull of cases have been reported for 36K pts. Sure the stock could suffer a while longer. heck I might even get more since I am still liquidating imcl gradually with over half my position still left. I am like a kid in a candy store and have taken positions in eln and sgen in large quantity and a moderate position in bmrn. I have gotten my 10K acas as well and have bulked all my mutual funds at these lows. As the days go by I will expand with more imcl liquidation and maybe pick up some pff and bulk my other dividend plays like pfe. Like I said maybe it was luck(I think not though) to be in this position but bottom line is at historical prices across the board the odds over time are skewed well in my favor. I dare say I deserve it. LOL IMHO BBBud

    • I might suggest you do the same. The dems spin that clinton was some sort of financial wizard and all was well but he ended in recession and a market crash. Explain that. LOL Markets cycle period and certain policies are favorable and others are not but in general do not cause either the great rises or the great losses. many believe the dems in congress and the fannie freddie debacle were responsible for this mess and that puts barney frank right in the cross hairs even though the spin is deregulation etc. Truth is housing bubbled and finally crashed and would have with either gore or bush. Truth also is the next president is hamstrung with what he can do and when the market rebounds(likely by the 3rd year of the next president) then that president whether mccain or obama will get credit. It is all bogus IMHO. IMHO BBBud

    • You must be kidding. Barack is a far left operative who wants to initiate massive social programs (cure world poverty with our tax dollars), raise taxes, redistribute wealth away from those who create wealth, increase regulation, blow money on "global warming", cripple free trade (thus hurting exports and cutting jobs),legalize gay marriage. His tax plan is a lie - a big part of the alleged cuts are actually welfare spending (through the earned income tax credit and other refundable credits). And the WSJ has shown that tax increases will drop to those earning far less than $250,000. His policies will lead to a depression. So I'm going to sell everything if he is elected - although hoping to be able to sell into some kind of emotional bounce. By the way, a number of the reporters on CNBC (like Maria Bartiromo) talk openly of the market going down partly because of the prospect of an Obama Presidency. Bush and the Republicans did not cause the current housing/credit crisis - that was mostly democrats pushing loans to people who couldn't pay for them, partly through their good buddies at Fannie and Freddie. Two bubbles burst through no fault of Bush, who has handled them well, and may even succeed in preventing a steep recession.