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  • augustbroker augustbroker Jul 11, 2012 11:36 AM Flag

    my thoughts on ELN yest/today:

    looks like there is a seller or two. wants to
    lighten up. doesn't look like someone gettin'
    short; but could be.
    i'm sure chart-wise we're close to setting off
    some sell signals; could be someone trying to
    trigger some. (???)
    doesn't look/appear like there are many players
    so someone(s) w/and axe to grind can accomplish
    more than usual. a headline/story coming out about
    the downside of bapi makes ELN vulnerable here;
    altho that's no new news. my guess the sellers win
    today and press it lower; watch to see how much vol
    and at what price(s). if u are a buyer; imo, keep your
    powder dry for (possibly) low $13's today...esp if
    the overall mkt weakens or collapses.