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  • augustbroker augustbroker Jul 24, 2012 7:57 AM Flag

    ELN and PFE news

    Certainly, not good news.
    Saying that, it shd have been expected.
    Testing of those WITH the ApoE4 gene, had
    the results been 'pos', now that would have
    been something!
    So; not good news but somewhat expected altho
    'fingers-crossed' ...hoping for better news.
    Today the stock needs to adjust to the news and
    the positions of options and other trades going
    on w/ELN common and options.
    Who knows how much lower? It will get bashed but
    my gut says it won't (eventually) close on the day
    as weak as many 'shorts' had planned for. (a guess.)
    There still are more results forthcoming; w/better
    expectation. Last nite's results, altho negative,
    were expected. Further verbal comments are imp.
    I'm still 'long'. I certainly will get nicked today.