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  • acricketeer acricketeer Jul 24, 2012 8:15 AM Flag

    Big Pharma Lied About Bundling All Data in One Release

    That's why I know that this stock is being manipulated. Although it may sound like wishful thinking, this is still a buy. A total failure in Bap results will probably force the Company to sell itself for its Tysabri franchise and residual R & D, IP, etc. The real question is whether to wait for the next set of results and buy on the drop/or spike. I've been trading around the position and selling calls. I expect the implieds to drop, but not that significantly, so this could still be an income play (r at least pull in a little downside protection from call premiums). I think Big Pharma separated the press releases for a reason. The head of Neurologic Drugs at the FDA knows alot about this drug and hinted that if there was a subset of patients benefitting from Bap, there would be a path for approval.

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    • imo; this sell-off below $12 is legit for the news.
      OK; now what?
      What's next to be announced?
      We know the 1st study was expected to be a dud.
      We got a dud.
      The stock is down ~15%. In 6 + hrs, maybe down
      more/maybe less.
      But now what? Below $12/ it a 'sell'?
      My argument all along it won'y go to $9 or $10.
      But we'll just have to see
      what all these option pos's do.