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  • ed_streltsov ed_streltsov Mar 21, 2013 9:55 AM Flag


    dutch action, termination of frisco office lease, silence from royal ( it is already more than 20 days they said needed to prepare formal offer, unless they wanna see how action goes on). what if is coup? i still beleive in board's decency, but you never know.

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    • all of it is strange....I don't get the dutch auction, why not do a special dividend if they want to give back 1bln. The people who price thier shares too high will get nothing, but the shares they hold will have decreased value. How is it the responsibility of the shareholder to determine if they should participate in this gamble? So strange, and why wouldn't JNJ and other large shareholders that I'm assuming we're in ELN for development of programs that don't exist anymore, not want to get out, with the offer from Royal.
      Why is the price being supported here? who a feeling I'm going to end up looking stupid again holding ELN.
      Worst company do you have a drug like Tysabri and end up in a mess like this, unreal.......

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      • you are asking all the right questions.i would like to give my,non-expert opinion.excuse me in advance for possible grammar errors since english is not my native language.i think that the reason
        that the large shareholders do not exit is same as mine,very small investor: elan just got more than 3 bln.that accounts for about 9-10 years of net profit when they were together the royalties based on 1.6bln sales in 2012 brings in close to 200mln(at 12%rate).further is better.tysabri is far superior to all existing-avonex and copaxone are useless(i know people in israel,whose relatives told me that),galena has huge side effects and something tells me that bg-12 is gonna be a flop.i think that elan ripped biogen big time.and,as to kelly martin,-he is great.of course,majority of people on this board think otherwise.guy got rid of half of the long-term debt virtually with no pain for the,he just did it the way when he was big shark on wall street(at merril lynch).he did bunch of other,small,almost unnoticed,things (like bringing best of the best scientists and people to the board,etc..).and the last thing i wanna mention today:bringing in irish takeover law is very smart:it will eliminate thieves like royal pharma and possibly wake up some big players.i personally think that they do not wanna be sold or have tag of at least 20.good luck!

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    • I just don't understand how you could agree to a 46.5 million early termination agreement in the 1st place! Elan needs to be sold before that stupid moron Kelly Martin #$%$ away the money from the sale of TY! He's proven time over time that he is the number 1 worst biotech ceo!