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  • ed_streltsov ed_streltsov Apr 18, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    thieves,part 3

    these guys,RP,are pathetic-they offer 7bln in which more than 4bln(3.25 from biogen plus other cash equivalents-possibly more with real estate) is elan's money,not to mention couple hundred mln every year in royalties.TRULY PATHETIC.companies like this,actually,have to be persecuted.

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    • Do you mean persecuted or prosecuted?
      Whatever!your's is a pretty stupid post.

    • You would be correct except for one thing...RP is banking on shareholders being impatient with mgmt. JNJ took advantage of a window to leave quickly...I suspect they will dump the rest of their shares if they haven't already done so...Leaving speculators holding them. My concern is RP makes a good point about mgmt's poor track record and the risk a shareholder takes with the vision of this so-called mgmt team. Heavy volume today and the stock held at this level tells me everything about the short term nature of the holders. Where is the rest of the value? $4.44 per share in cash (2.25b/507mm) and they do have debt as well...SO what other assets that would be considered liquid do they have? the stake in the spin-off?Not liquid... terrible timing to sell Alkermes stake but of course this mgmt group is credible? I am all ears with "where the beef " is in terms of value. Please enlighten me...