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  • augustbroker augustbroker Jul 29, 2013 3:35 AM Flag

    $6.25 in cash, $10.25 in PRGO stock

    Two things; I have not seen the 'final' structure but I'm assuming they have 'fixed' what shr price of PRGO that they will use so ELN's shr price will fluctuate w/PRGO's movement. Also, basically 1/3 cash, 2/3's stock. That's a high % of stock. It's possible someone else comes in w/either 'more' of a cash bid or a 'total' cash bid. This may not be over, altho it sounds it.

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    • This is a mostly stock deal.
      Buy, hold, sell, the reality is in the best case you now own 0.07636 shares of PRGO to go with the $6.25 in cash you will be receiving (less taxes).
      When PRGO goes down $1 you will lose .07637 cents, when PRGO goes up $1 you will earn .07637 cents.
      When PRGO was trading down $10 earlier this morning ELN shareholders had lost 76.37 cents off the press release announcing the deal. Yet there are many ELN holders who think they will get $16.50 for each ELN share.
      The $16.50 value number is meaningless, it was simply a number that represented PRGO's Friday's closing PPS and just happened to be PRGO's historic high close, eight cents off PRGO's historic highest pps print.

      Ever wonder how 'illuminating' every deal ELN does appears to be?

      In the long run ... PRGO will do well .... and holders will do well.
      But in the interim, volatility can be expected.
      If a new offer arises, then ELN pps will rise to that offer .... otherwise ... this is it.

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    • You will see ELN moving up almost everyday from this point, we just hold it high!

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    • Not such a great deal...usually 100% taxable with mix of cash and stock...might as well sell all of my eln holdings unless PRGO offers some growth potential

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    • No its fixed. So ELN share price now will not fluctuate with PRGO share prices. Question is would the stock proce will hit $16.5 tomorrow or will it remain few percentage lower

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      • some people get it,and some people don't,its obvious you don't. the eln price will move with the prgo price,if the price of prgo goes up as it did today,then eln will follow,if the price of prgo went down today,eln would have lost ground also.
        kelly martin and his team must have know this,the deal was done at prgo's stock price at an all time high. think about this,should the shareholders vote against this merger,kelly and his team will lose nothing,they will still have their jobs,collecting big bucks,for what,managing an income stream form biib. not a bad deal,and if shareholder balk,they will say,hey we did our best,and you, our shareholders voted it down.