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  • go_figure_now go_figure_now Sep 23, 1998 12:19 AM Flag

    Research Report Available on Drug Delive

    Elan has been a great stock over the last 8
    years. I believe it is in the top 50 or so stocks for
    total return 1990 - 1997 (IBD). It tends to split at
    the 50+ level but hasn't yet. The company has a very
    good growth rate that I believe is accelerating (last
    quarter was +40% income +80% revenues). It is targeting
    $1 billion revenue by 2001 (currently $600 million)
    but could likely exceed that. I have seen analysts
    claim that it has a terrific drug pipeline that rivals
    competitors 10 times larger but I am not entirely sure of
    this. It does have some good potential drugs in the
    pipeline. The company has been on an acquisition binge of
    late and has continued to grow the company. I think
    the Neurex acquisition will be great and it will
    probably buy Sheffield in the future and start a pulmonary
    drug division with it. Hope this helps. Any
    corrections if needed?