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  • newdoofus newdoofus Jan 17, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    30 yogurt stores fer cheap

    Yogurtini got $800K for their assets? Something evident in these numbers is that none of these "yogurt players" is very profitable. Interesting quote from Frank Crail in one of the articles-- essentially admitting that RMCF is best served by returning its attention to profitable chocolate manufacturing and chocolate retail and franchising operations. Aspen Leaf Yogurt can be placed on the list of weak ideas that RMCF has dreamed up over the years. Now maybe we will see some effort in updating stale RMCF packaging, product designs, graphics, etc.

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    • No way they will promote 3 brand names....Yogurtini is dorky............U-Swirl is easy to remember and kinda fun......Aspen Leaf is ???????.........does not say anything...a dumb name for a yogurt place...I therefore see them consolidate the 3 into U-Swirl stores eventually....and also see this concept more as a add-on/compliment to some other primary store.

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      • yea... Assburn Leaves does nada for me! Yogurtini is what you serve the kiddos whilst you suck down a Martini. U-Swirl..sounds like a dance step out in the Texas Piney woods country. But they've blown enough of our equity on this so run with what you have in hand. And I ain't too certain I want to see what they have in hand either!

    • let's be honest. Durango is a lovely place. But how the heck are they going to run one, let alone two, world wide biz out of there? The travel expenses have gotts be hurting the bottom line to say nothing of the wasted time in airports eating See's or Godiva chocolate. Mfg plant is fine there and some companies (I worked for a few) prefer that the executives be out of the plant and in a neutral site. How about Denver? How about Tokyo?
      Next RMCF needs to have a tie-in distribution with someone like Panera, B&N etc. I for one an tired of seeing competitors choclates on display at places such as B&N. Maybe with the cereal branding exposure that will be next.
      Then drop the "fctory" out of the corporate name, ie Rocky Mountain Chocolate...sounds better huh? doesn't sound like they are smelting steel or glass on an abutting conveyor line.
      A few more thoughts but why give away free advice.
      ps okay, one more, send someone up to Quizno's to work out a deal. Yea the customers won't see them making fudge but ...geez..I ain't got time to watch someone fudging any more than I have time to watch SBUX grind and brew coffee. Oh yea SBUX or Caribou..end-user target accounts. So what if you private label. RMC (sans F) has plenty of room to expand or just more fully load the current factory.

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      • Like your ideas including the name. I have owned rmcf for years but have not followed closely as of late. So, based on what I see, they are out of the yogurt game, right? I have also owned nathan's for a very long time and their branding program has exploded. They had tried to expand in years past via acquisitions with the likes of Miami Subs and Kenny Rogers Chicken, and results were not great. They eventually sold off those assets to focus on branded products, ect. They have a new packaging deal for 2014 that may explode earnings too. Can't underestimate what a good branded program can lead to if Rmcf is creative enough imho.


    • I read your posts. I never thought yogurt was very popular, esp. compared to ice cream. So I am not surprised if these yogurt franshises lose money. Perhaps yogurt is more popular in certain parts of the US? Anyhow, I'm glad to see them kinda sweep it aside so they can focus their attention on their core business....

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