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  • dollargenerator dollargenerator Sep 13, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

    What I think about NCV, and other.

    I use to follow the same path with PHK, but once the greed factor got so great the risk/price ratio was putting too much stres on me. I switched to NCV, and NCZ, and never looked back. NCV is the healthier one of the two, but both are going to be good right up until interest rates climb. Try to stay ahead of that curve. What might happen when interest rates climb, is that the profit margin that these companies make their money on, will get thinner ,and the dividend will be in danger of reduction. It's not just these two stocks that will suffer, it is all Junk Bonds, and the whiplash effect from that will cause the whole market to take a dive. The smart invester will try to stay ahead and be mostly out when that happens. That's becuase tha teven will be another big buying opportunity for the cool headed invester who knows what's going on. Even when the dividends get reduced, it will still be a good stock to keep. The reason to be out when it happens, is only becuase of the big dip in price that will be about to happen when they announce interets rates are going up. Just like when PHK went down to $2.00, and most people, like me, holding it at $16, #$%$ our pants and were frozen in fear, others who were better clued in were buying it at $2.00 and cleaning up on dividends that would be 100% return in two years. History is a sweet lesson if you can remmebr it. I learned enough in the year to be a rich man, but as they say, it takes money to make money, and I had no money to invest.

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