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  • benandemmiboo benandemmiboo Apr 25, 2014 3:53 AM Flag

    another 310,000 shares purchased on 4-24 from insiders (apparently)

    Stockhouse message suggests this, but it's not yet posted on the free portion of the Canadian Insider site. Personally, I decided to sell the majority of my #$%$ Crumb stock and two other unjustly beaten down miners (Arianne, GSV) to buy 40.000 additional shares of Belo Sun yesterday to lower my average 5 cent per share to under 30 cent per share. Hate doing this, but hope it works out.

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    • 385000 shares from Mark Eaton were just posted on Canadian Insider. Stock ended at its high on Friday too, which might bode well for the near-future as well.

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      • Ben, I double checked Canadian Insider and since April 21 insiders have bought over a whopping 880K shares! The last price was at $.27 per share......the price now stands at less than 18 pennies!
        For $1800 bucks you can secure 10K shares. For about $10K you can own over 50K shares! OMG....just sock the $10K away and pretend you never missed it and you might wake up one fine morning to find you now have $50K or conservatively at least double your money if the share price just reverts back to where it was a month ago or so. And if you REALLY want to put your cojones on the line, you can buy 500K shares for $90K; that could very well be worth $500K dollars some day. The downside is that the street has valued the company so low that they think the company will fold.
        And if you want to risk a ton, you can buy a million shares for $180K and possibly become a millionaire. Ha!!! Ah, to dream.......
        Of course, this all assumes you can ladder in slowly at these prices without causing them to drift back up.
        On negative side of things, the insiders might be filthy rich and be buying shares because it grows on trees for them.....but still, spending about $250K is not exactly chump change.
        Personally, I need to make myself feel good about the environmental aspect of this investment. How real is the disturbance to the indigenous people is what bothers my conscience. It's almost worth a trip to fly there and put some boots on the ground to do some REAL research on the situation.
        I am pretty shocked to see the share price where it's at today!