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  • ggggg51 ggggg51 Jun 23, 2004 10:30 AM Flag

    Shame on Shull

    Good idea KF, but the link is not active, can you try again. I urge everyone to write it down once it is corrected. Just a feeling that anytime we can be blocked or taken down due to possible contingencies. We need to stay in touch. Phantom, would you want to be the point man as KF suggests?

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    • sorry I must have copy-and-pasted the wrong link.

      * Your group information:
      Group name: hanover_direct
      Group home page:
      Group email address:

    • I really don't think it is necessary--if people believe that the stock is where it will be and not grow they should sell--I happen to believe other wise and I happen to believe that there will be no delisting and with one announcement the company could get through the $14 million float issue-- fundementals are infinitely better than 2 years ago and the the losses were non-recurring and mostly non cash--Cash losses were fees and bonuses--last years EBITDA was closer to $20 million than $14 milion--The only true variable cost now will be circ and fulfilment and fixed costs should not have to grow at all by increasing rev--sell assets and reduce fixed costs even more--hopefully keep the fulfilment --it is now up to Chelsey --A statement that indicates we intend to increase the value of the company for all shareholders.