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  • tashark tashark Apr 23, 1999 3:42 PM Flag

    Solid Base

    Been in and out of HNV 4 times in the last 12
    years with good results. Selling at 3 1/2 is a safe way
    to play this stock, but I cannot recall this company
    ever having such explosive potential. Hopefully it
    doesn't implode

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    • From the extensive knowledge of the company that
      you apparently have, you work for the company. If
      not, how much did you get paid to write that bs?
      Richemont is NOT "pouring money into this company". The are
      getting very cheap stock for a short term loan at
      exhorbitant rates (paid for by the present shareholders),
      diluting present stockholder value by 1/3. How is this a
      good deal for us?

    • Hanover Direct Announces Planned Departure of
      Thursday, May 13, 1999 05:29 PM
      N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 13, 1999--Hanover Direct, Inc. (AMEX:
      HNV) today announced that Larry J. Svoboda, its Senior
      Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, will be
      departing the Company, following the identification of a
      successor. Mr. Svoboda joined the Company in September 1996
      to help redirect the Company's financial and
      business development. No date was given for Mr. Svoboda's
      planned departure.

      "Now that the turnaround of
      the core business and the Company's strategic
      realignment is well underway, the time is right for me to
      pursue other interests," stated Svoboda.

      President and Chief Executive Officer Rakesh K. Kaul added,
      "Larry has made significant contributions to the
      turnaround of this business. We wish him well."

      to joining Hanover, Mr. Svoboda served as Vice
      President Finance and Chief Financial Officer for Florsheim
      Group, Inc., where his responsibilities included
      strategic planning, inventory and logistics management, and
      system development. During his career, he has amassed
      extensive experience working with high profile branded
      consumer products with global wholesale and retail
      distribution, restructuring and turnaround situations, and an

    • Where did you get the fact that he is leaving? You sure that you were not thinking of the Treasurer who left, Vill?

    • Thank God! Rocky Svoboda hits the bricks! Maybe HNV will take the hint and leave the $3 range!

    • Couldn't have said it any better - or even as
      I have been long for more than 3 years and like
      what I see as the new management team has been
      systematically put in place and as the two major players, Basil
      and Richemont, continue to pour capital into this
      company. No question in my mind - this is a long term hold
      for retirement security.

      HNV should put
      themselves into position to be bought out by someone. With
      all the action going on within this industry someone
      must be looking to get in without having to go through
      all the BS to set up shop as HNV has. Sales and
      profits are poor and the only thing keeping HNV alive is
      the future speculation that this will be big someday.
      I beleave it will but may be loosing patience With
      HNV, seeing so many other companys with less potential
      zooming sky high. I will give them 6 more months to show
      the world what they can do. Talk is cheep actions and
      sales also profits are what matters. A large company
      with deep pockets can make this thing happen asap. The
      market may pass HNV by if they dont start showing more
      of thier plan and higher sales/profits. No news is
      bad news. Cough up something or SELL. SELL SELL SELL

    • i am reminded of that ancient bit of wisdom that says never short a boring stock, i don't know if it means anything but i'm yawning to.

    • I agree with no new customers it is the same old
      HNV. This stock is about as active as a slug. Even
      with shitty numbers it doesn't move. Hell, even it
      dropped in price I wouldn't mind it as I'm trying to buy
      some cheap shares for a long hold.

      Cautiously Optimistic.....

    • I might be stupid, but 13 week revenue and
      customers remained essentially unchanged from the previous
      13 weeks. This sounds like the same old HNV to me.
      Don't we have to generate new customers to generate an
      increase in $'s? Where are the customeres going to come


      Not overly optimistic

    • Great post, sounds like me talking. Thanks for
      the added information, shareholders should be
      confident in their plans. It's been a long wait, but the
      funny thing is that we can still add to our positions
      when HNV is on the brink. The cmgi comparison is very
      interesting, obviously hard to count on but shat if? Stranger
      things have happened and even in total absence of the
      incubator potential, things are looking pretty good.

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