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  • ryanruiz100 ryanruiz100 Oct 8, 2008 1:41 AM Flag

    I have lost 43% on this fund now

    rivvr, interest rates over the past few years... ever since 9/11, have still been at historic lows, even after his interest rate increases. This all stems from a housing bubble. Unscrupulous lending and unscrupulous real estate investing have been well documented. The good news, is, I think the majority of the fall is over in real estate prices. I look at the chart of Phoenix, Nevada, and certain California house prices, and they're back to early 2004 levels, 2004 being the banner, peak year. Miami, on the other hand, is still near all time highs. This was a bubble pop that was going to happen regardless of Bernanke. Remember GDP and business was still fine up until the subprime meltdown. This financial situation stems from a housing bubble burst, not from a slowdown in general business. And remember higher interest rates help increase the value of the dollar. I see nothing wrong with what Bernanke did. I think he is doing a good job for the most part. The Bush administration and their thought that printing money is a good idea??? I disagree on that one. Another thing to remember, the economy has been sluggish ever since the tech bubble crash. The super low interest rates may have helped prevent a depression similar to the last time we came off such an economic expansion and stock market rise. It may have softened the blow but the excess still seems to be working out of the system... Now, it's the taxpayer paying for it, and propping it up. Bad ida.

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