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  • pastry_general pastry_general Feb 6, 2009 6:08 PM Flag

    Based on his current holdings... ...

    this fund should have kicked ass today. I know Yahoo Finance shows his holdings from last Q but they have to be close. Big let down today. Was hoping for a $2 jump. Ken will show us the way. And if you don't have faith, sell. But I do!

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    • This is why I hate the stock market now. It doesn't make sense anymore. Companies are run by crooks and are analyzed by more crooks. Why am I in it? I have cut way back. I thought CGMFX was run by a guy with a great record that would continue. What the hell happened? Buy and hold? What a freaking joke. Last 401K statement showed a loss on all mutual funds in the plan for the past 5 years. What a freaking joke. Then you have these mother f'ers that write articles "if you start saving as earlier as you can into your 401K at only 8% per year you will have millions of dollars blah blah blah" and I e-mail them back and tell they they are full of crap. Where the "f" can I get 8% per year. Right now CD's are paying 2.5% and let's hope your bank doesn't go under, buy and hold stocks and you are negative, your house has dropped 50%, middle class is getting squeezed by money grabbing corporate heads and a stupid government. And for all of you that are going to write back and say blah blah blah why are you here, go screw yourselves.

    • he is usually down on up days, At this rate we will break even in 2021,
      Ken is getting advice from Bill Miller

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