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  • Draftcard Draftcard Sep 15, 2009 7:31 PM Flag

    CGM Focus Sucks!

    its my own fault for staying in this fund. I own 5000 shares that I should of dump long ago. We are relying on past glories, Ken doesn't get the new economy, time for some new blood.

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    • Only fools stand by and lose 50% of the money when it is clear the fund manager missed the economic turns. I wrote about it when it was happening here. Got bashed by the old timers who said just wait, you are stupid. Got out at $58.00, shorted oil and the S@P. Bought HGSI, IMCL, ONTY, GLS, UTA, MITI with the money I got back from Ken. I more than doubled my invested money while Ken lost half. What has Ken done for you lately? There is this thing called opportunity cost.

      Almost all those folk who praised Ken have left here. Remember how they praised him and shot down any other view or concern? I do. You cannot trust anyone with your money. You need to keep testing the strategy all the time to a changing world.

      some good stock/ etf ideas for you now. FLY, ONTY, MITY, AER, GAZ and junk- JNK

    • Juan, I don't think the beav is dungbeetle. not his style /frequency of writing.
      my guess the beetle is dazed boy. He shows obsession / control problems.

      both these AHoles are ignored, so I see a new ID should be soon to emerge.

      Hey did you see Acorn has hit the skids, All this as Obama is pushing Union control.

      This guy is in a dream cloud to think that anyone is stupid enough to buy union.
      Only Union people will do that and just like the dinosaurs, they are looking at extinction. Obama thinks he can force us to buy ? I would easily put another 50K miles on my car.

      He is basing his logic on cash clunker thing , Peoples stupidity, once you drive one of these cars off the lot it has depreciated more than the saving ..

      Obama relies on peoples greed and stupidity . exactly the mentality that voted for him ...

    • Sorry Janey you are herebye sentenced to the bizarro plane of nonexistence. It would be great if your criticisms had some truly sarcastic wit, but lets face it, you are definitely not MARK TWAIN in your posts. All you have is a malicious rusty axe to use on Denny and Juan. Hope its not cramped in there. "BUMP"!

    • Could have been worse. If you had bought land on the Arizona/Mexican border in Arizona. If you protect your land there from illegals dungpiling it you can face charges.

    • Dung writes: "do you mind as his spouse if be is obsessed with men's butts."

      No dung, I don't mind. Please remember Juan was in the navy for almost 20 years and left because of the don't ask policy. It's just something I must accept.

    • Well, what's new this week? Denny and his wife, Godsilla came by for dinner last night. Denny has been on the NutriSystems diet. NutiSystems sent Denny a box of food that would last 2 weeks. Denny ate all the food in 3 days and is mad because he didn't lose any weight. Denny is supposed to have a job....I'll tell you about it if it really happens.
      Juan has been behaving himself....staying it the bedroom and playing with his 2 computers, a laptop and his 2way radio. If you are ever in this area you might hear Juan on the 2way radio....his name there is "secret agent" on channel 19. He talks to truck drivers, mostly. Why he needs all those computers I'll never know. He says it's for the stock market. We got some mail about his stock. It's a stock called "focus fund". It said the stock was selling around $28 but a year ago it was selling for $48. My Juan is a real stock wizard!!
      Well, I'd better put Juan's bibs in the laundry and get them washed. I have to report for work tonight at K Mart. I usually work 4 hours, 4 days a week.
      I work at the jewerly counter and enjoy being around all the pretty necklaces and such, and the pay is pretty good not to mention I get a 10% discount on everthing I buy from the store.

    • True, nothing does transcend human nature but there's still quite a bit of difference between county and country, especially in Kentucky.

    • Oh , my bad , but just the same , I don't think anything transcends
      human nature

    • Denny, I said county, not country.

    • beav ,

      you say that like it's a bad thing.

      Why would a nationality transcend values ?

      Profiling does work most of the time by the way ,

      The liberals teach that you can't believe in anything unless it is absolute.

      Do you see the trap? Nothing is absolute , that is anything to do with humans
      except for death and taxes of course.

      Profiling is looked down upon because there may be one mistake in a thousand
      same twisted dazed boys logic that no war is worth even one single life lost.

      Little grandmas don't blow things up , Profiling is good , now beav, you are only angry at juan, you should get past that..

      Why don't you tell us what is going on up there in Oregon? DC

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