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  • wild4thegirl wild4thegirl Dec 8, 2009 7:14 PM Flag



    Isn’t it about time for the return of McCarthyism?

    I think it may be great for the markets and would flush Washington and Hollywood of the criminals it houses. I do mean fush.

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    • Depression is the reason you write on meaningless threads using 2-4 names to agree with your self.The right the left, Wall Street they are all in it for personal gain not yours "Greed governs the country" I feel your frustration and the need to vent, this country is only a shadow of what it could be!

    • this guys mentality is part of what elected Obama, a Rolling Stone reader

      they demonize Wall Street on their witch hunt , endorse some guys who are crooks .
      and away we go ,,,, no research, just take Rolling Stone at their word

      light up a joint, plug the Ipod in and pull the handle

    • agree totally

      the global warming hoax is at the top of the list

      The elected President of this country is about to sell us down the river
      all based on a political agenda which the main stream liberal media will not touch

      Americans have made a HUGE mistake electing this guy and now he can and may be the beginning of the end for this country
      the slippery slope is already behind us ..I pity the young people who will be working for the Chinese . but maybe that is what they need to snap out of this do good mentality a good generation of slavery and labor

      China is laughing , they are setting us up by dictating what obama must and will do
      Palin and Romney are the only answer

      Romney has the secret sauce for business and Palin will flush out the bums . Will we wake up to this incredible train wreck before it happens ?????

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