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  • challenge_your_limit challenge_your_limit Jun 25, 2013 8:27 AM Flag


    who sides with him, L or R ? we knew who were the anti Nam types in the 60's, the global warming believers, has anything changed ? Have Americans had enough horse shyt fed to them, that both sides have quickened in alignment for human rights over that which claims us as its personal property?

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    • I am a moderate and feel the man is a criminal. He set out to do harm FYI. there is nothing new in his revelation but he has shared specifics with US enemies China and Russia and stole data

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      • DC China and Russia got to have access to his computer. That is the problem

      • Van , you are NOT moderate, you are a leftist. A moderate understands entrepreneurship and risk.
        The low paid workers have opportunity to improve and many do, and when they do, they don't want to give their blood and sweat dollars to the ones who won't dig themselves out or the trenches. This is what you lefties don't get through your thick idealistic skulls.
        As for Snoden, please inform us what "specifics" he shared, and if those "specifics" were classified
        You seem to know much of everything and of course make all the right moves with expert timing
        , along with vomitt please share with us your grand knowledge........ laughing here

      • You sound certain of yourself.., too certain. Americans don't trust the temperature of the undercurrents on their feet, and while Snowden may or may not be innocent, we are told to unequivocally accept the word of the government. Their actions are based on a fear of losing power over the people, which in itself flies in the face of Americas definition of itself . Judge a tree by its fruit ..What fruit of late has this government bared? A lack of transparency cannot tell us that which is edible and which is not.. Government must never be confused with America itself (as defined by its people)..

    • neither. right is angry, left is bewildered their master was exposed. and to add insult to injury, Putin thumbing his nose at obama. I still don't see what specific secrets he has given away, and unless he got access to
      unauthorized classified info, which is very difficult, he probably knows very little as for specifics. Classified info is on a need to know basis. that applies to all cleared employees.

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