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  • challenge_your_limit challenge_your_limit Jun 26, 2013 6:02 AM Flag


    DOWN 4 PERCENT THIS MORNING .. i cannot help but laugh at the end of the world types who swore with every ounce of heir being and conviction for the yellow metal.. Maybe this will be a lesson. I know someone who sold his stock funds sometime in 2009 and did this.. as gold rose he would say .. Never gonna sell !.. I think he bought physical gold through monex or someone. What a complete reversal!

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    • I made over 12% today on my 3x short gold. The world has built out too much capacity for commodities so we are seeing the downward pressure on prices. There is no inflation . We will see wage increases in the US as the largest voluntary terminations in the US in a decade has occured last month. People can find a better paying job and can sell their home if necessary to move. Good. Middle class needs some income increase. They work hard and business has not been sharing their prosperity with lower employees. Bottom end jobs are vacant in CA due to tighter immigration enforcement leading to improved pay for the lowest end worker.

    • and the steep decline in gold might just be the catalyst to get the cyclical end of the market moving again.. as gold is a reflection of lower commodity costs affect the bottom line profit margin for manufacturing companies. It also seems that the market is getting used to taking its QE medicine taper at last and that god news may finally be good news.. In the meantime I still believe that Obama Needs more than anyone an economics lesson . I have no idea what his particular views on QE are but I sincerely hope that he opts for growth without government crutches , unless absolutely necessary..

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