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  • juan_vomit juan_vomit Jul 23, 2013 5:10 PM Flag

    energy service

    iggy, You might wanna check out Core Lab, CLB. They are a niche player and do fluids for fracing, reservoir engineering and
    core analysis. Working world wide, onshore and deep water. It's not widely owned, market cap 7B, and only trades around 250k/day. Gains are impressive: 40% 1 yr, 145% 5 yr and 2800% 10 yr.
    I worked for Core Lab for about a year doing fluid mechanics, didn't like them and quit. But, that company was bought out by some new people and they really turned the company around.
    I own some in my IRA, sometimes I buy and sell, just wish I'd bought a whole bunch and held!!!!

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    • Speaking of energy, know anything much about eos energy? They're private, no know plans about taking it public anytime soon, but their concept intrigues me greatly and i'd like to know as much about them as possible, particularly if you think their tech will work or not. Also would like to know about other companies working on the same concept, storage of excess energy output to put it simplistically. Tia.

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      • I think they have batteries like these for home or office use.......they store electricity when the sun shines for use when it doesn't shine on the solar panels. But on a scale to be used as a peaker....I don't know. It would certainly take up a lot of space. Utilities are always looking for ways they might be able to store electricity for use during peak demand.
        Science Daily 5/29/13 sez: "challenges relating to the zinc electrode ( they wear out rather fast) and the electrolyte remain to be solved". They don't mention the sodium/fluoride eos uses. And, lead is cheap, sulphuric acid is cheap, fluoride is cheap, sodium is cheap and lithium is least it used to be. And n. gas fired peakers are currently rather cheap.
        So I don't know........ HQH a buy, sell or hold ? I got a little money looking for a home.....I haven't checked it's yield or discount/premium lately. I'm also looking at's a good long term hold, but with the current confusion in bonds......biotech looks more promising.

    • Went to Morningstar and their analyst gave this co. a wide moat and overall glowing review. I see they have turned around since the old co. got bought out in 1994. Only two years in past 10 has this stock lost money: 2008....around 50%, and 2012 around 3%. M says 10K put in, in 2003 would now be north of 275K. Wowzie...boy would I like to hit a gain like that! Right now, as you probably read M says this co. is at fair to slightly above fair value. (they said they were increasing their fair value est. by 10%, but when or if this occured I did not discern. Intriguing stock............thanks for the alert.... By the way back in late 60's I had a summer job as an assistant for geologists drilling for core samples for for Silver and Molydenum at 2 sites near Aspen. Remarkable college summer. Didnt want to return to school. Anyway, regards Iggy.

    • Thanks, will do.

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