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  • iggybiggies iggybiggies Jul 24, 2013 12:13 AM Flag

    Anthony Weiner .....again...

    Yep, he did it again while running for NYC mayor. Very, very good orator when in any debate. But........I really dont give a damn if he is online with young 22 yr olds. In fact , his wife (Hillary associate of either Pakistani or Indian lineage is GORGEOUS.) But why doesn't AWEINER state what he does with his "JOHNSON" is his and his wife's busines?. Afterall she is obviously getting what she wants in her position in life. BE A MAN AND STEP UP TO THE PLATE. BE STRAIGHT FORWARD and quit apologizing.HYPOCRISY SUCKS.

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    • Iggy: It's the liberal way. obummer started his stint with an apology tour. More than 50% of voters pay no income tax so they would vote him in again as long as they get food stamps which BTW are now being buying stuff for foreign countries. Saw that on the news yesterday. One specific store sells giant shipping barrels for this purpose.

      Gold has gained right at $100 over the past couple of weeks so yesterday I unsealed a bottle of my Chivas and noted that when I stocked my liquor stash, the price tag says $18:50. That gives you some idea about how long ago I loaded my stash up. I don't know what Chivas goes for now, but that $18:50 would not fly I'm sure.

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