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  • juankehoe33 juankehoe33 Sep 26, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    Control, a reality check

    Denny/Wild and other thinkers: One of the big rhubarbs going today is gun control. My late son and I were on opposite sides of the fence on this one..and he was definitely a good guy. The big argument concerns various Rambo type assault weapons. I have a permit to carry, and I carry a .45 automatic which will do the same job as the Rambo look-alike assault weapon. Who is it that they wish to assault? High capacity Magazine? I have 2 clips, each holding 9 rounds. I carry it for self defense and defense of others if required. What situation might I get into that 18 rounds won't end way or another? I don't want to start a war. No, that's not what this argument is about. I see them, even in Walmart, dressed in camouflage boots, pants, shirt, cap, carrying a camouflage wallet, driving a camouflage pick-up truck with camouflage beer cooler. HE IS RAMBO INCARNATE! He feels that he is Rambo and it's not to far for him to go to want to act like Rambo. He's dressed for it, he has the weapons for it, and he has the mentality for it. In summation, I don't believe nor do I accept gun control. But I fail to envision the wisdom in allowing hundreds of thousands of these would-be Rambo's stoke their egos by adding assault appearing firearms to their fantasies. I say, let them join the Army, and the army will equip them with such weapons.IN AFGHANISTAN!

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    • For once we agree. 90% of Americans want the same thing you do. Assault weapons have always been the issue and most hunters agree that they should be banned. Hunting weapons were never the target of gun control advocates. Gun control advocates even believe that men who are afraid of their shadows and afraid to go out like you say you are, should be allowed to carry a gun.

      I have never questioned your right to carry your gun and as I have said before if you don't care about your family and their safety, why should anyone else. The chances of killing a loved one has been proven to be hundreds of times higher than you defending yourself with your weapon. At least the State's Attorneys in several states have started to prosecute gun owners who have a gun that "accidently" killed a family member. The charge is, and should be first degree murder, because looking at the overwhelming statistics a reasonable person would know there is a huge chance that a family member will be shot.

      Bad odds, but girly men should be allowed to carry a gun if that will make them feel like a man. Most men don't need that and won't be in a position that you are to have a weapon in your home that is more likely to kill your family than kill an intruder.

      At least we agree 100% on gun control.

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