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  • Howie58 Howie58 May 20, 2002 12:24 PM Flag

    Well Polly, I mean Dolly. .

    What's your take on today's drop. Granted the Bio sector is being hit, but for a stock that is ostensibly at bargain basement prices. . .

    Is there an Irish, "Elan" effect here--people think it can be repeated at this outfit?

    Something tells me we will se a buck before we see two. This stock's behavior never ceases to amaze me--glad my position is small.

    By the way--while the Hibergen investment is true biotech--let's not kid ourselves, this company is a medical supplier. It's up- and downside potential should be examined accordingly.


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    • major errors:

      1) You wrote: "What's your take on today's drop."

      This assumes that today's drop is an event that needs to be explained. Considering the number of shares traded, the lack of interest in this company, the movement in other stocks, and general market conditions, today's drop is simply more of the same which requires no explanation at all.

      In the same way, there would be nothing to crow about if the stock happened to drift up to 1.55 on a similar number of shares traded (though, of course, it might be possible to profit on these sputterings).

      2) You wrote: "This stock's behavior never ceases to amaze me -- glad my position is small."

      I have no idea what you mean by small -- maybe you are a multi-millionaire and own half a million shares. ON the other hand you might own only 500 shares.

      If you truly own a small number of shares, why bother? Perhaps there is the classical pollyanish investment perspective of the penny stock investor at work here, hoping to hit the big time on a 1.50, as if it were a lottery ticket. Only you can answer that. A 20% annual return on a stock is fabulous these days (not saying it will happen with TRIB) but if you have invested $1,000.00 you will still earn only 200.00.

      In other words, what's more amazing than the stock price is your behavior, Howie:

      1) holding so small position in the stock that it warms your heart to think that "we will see a buck before we see two" and

      2) not selling those paltry shares.

      Why bother Howie? What can you possibly be hoping for here?

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      • Good post Osmaz. I sometimes forget that patience is the key.

        Example: Another stock I bought a couple of years ago started dropping the day I bought in. Boring company, boring product, solid fundamentals. I kept buying and the price kept dropping until it eventually reached a price equal to only 25% of my first buy price. Today, 2 full years later, I sold when the stock finally reached my original buy price. Thanks to averaging down, my average cost was only 33% of todays sell price. In 2 years I made 200% on a stock most wouldn't think worthy of spitting on. It is my not so humble opinion that TRIB will also have it's day in the sun in the not too distant future.

        Sometimes you just have to believe in your initial instincts and research and hang on for the long ride!

        BTW, bought some more shares today at $1.42.

    • ".....let's not kid ourselves, this company is a medical supplier....."

      I've pointed that out numerous times. It is truly in the medical device catagory, but it has a real biotech "kicker" with Hibergen.

      Investors are scared to death right now---markets stink and Cheney says the US is absolutely going to be attacked again. Not great news.

      TRIB does move in strange ways. Always has!

      Courier Capital just bot 800,000 shares according to one of our posters (may have been you). Checked them out through an investment manager friend - a good smaller investment manager that would have done lots of due dil before making that size committment to TRIB, which he felt is very positive.

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