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  • outthegate123 outthegate123 Apr 2, 2013 11:48 PM Flag

    This is a no-brainer

    I liked this best from the cc - taken frm seeking alpha transcript:
    Ross Taylor - Somerset Capital Management
    Yes, gentlemen, I want to get into the economics of the Troponin product. There’s a lot of talk about how valuable this would be to the company. Have you guys given thought to what kind of operating margins one would be looking at, what cost of sales would we be looking at, kind of what the bottom-line impact would be and then additionally I noticed Ronan in your recent hand out at presentations you’ve added a line saying you state that you expect to obtain a significant share of the market. Now that’s $1 billion market, and I’d like to know what your definition of significant is, is it 10%, 20%, 30%?
    Ronan O’Caoimh - CEO
    Hi, Ross. Just the name of the issue of margin for a moment, I mean we can manufacture the product for about $2 or less, and the current market -- they’re marketed at about $15 a Troponin, maybe $25 for BNP. So you’re talking big margins there. In terms of what market share we could take and there’s a number of factors you have to bare in mind, and one is of course is that we don’t know who else are doing what, but what I will say to is that, we believe strongly that the cardiologist will very, very quickly adopt this product when it is giving such monstrously superior performance compared with the three current incompetents and there are really only three. I mean Jim, has quoted basically numbers which just made simple means, but people are being sent home under the impression that they haven’t had a cardiac event, when they have had one, but often disastrous consequences, it's simple as that. The FDA, if I can use the vernacular freaked out about this, that’s why you’ve had the called, product and competitor prices collapsing 20%, that’s why the guidelines have been changed.The gauntlet has been thrown down to the industry, and we believe that we're the forefront basically probably the only people basically who can go anywhere close to re

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