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  • stockwusel stockwusel Oct 28, 1999 2:25 PM Flag

    Vectorvest earnings growth not correct

    if you give in the real earnings growth rate,
    which is more than twice the value , that vectorvest
    uses, you would have a value of 6$ or more.
    All this
    indicates the extreme undervaluation of TRIBY

    Analysis of Trinity BioPLC

    Thank you for requesting
    an analysis of Trinity BioPLC from VectorVest
    ProGraphics. The ticker symbol for Trinity BioPLC is
    TRIBY is traded on the NASDAQ.

    closed on 10/27/1999 at $1.72 per share.

    TRIBY has a Value of $3 per share. Value is the
    foundation of the VectorVest system. It is a measure of what
    a stock is currently
    worth. Value is based upon
    earnings, earnings growth rate, dividend payments, dividend
    growth rate, and financial performance.
    interest and inflation rates also play an important role
    in the computation of Value. When interest and/or
    inflation rates decrease, Value goes
    up. When interest
    rates and inflation increase, Value goes down. Sooner
    or later a stock's Price and Value always converge.

    RV (Relative Value): TRIBY has an RV of 1.32. On a
    scale of 0.00 to 2.00, an RV of 1.32 is excellent. RV
    reflects the long-term price
    appreciation potential of
    the stock compared to an alternative investment in
    AAA Corporate Bonds. Stocks with RV ratings above
    1.00 have
    attractive upside potential. A stock will
    have an RV greater than 1.00 when its Value is greater
    than Price, and its Relative Safety (see below)
    forecasted earnings growth rate are above average. In some
    cases, however, a stock's RV will be above 1.00 even
    though its Value is
    well below Price. This happens
    when a stock has an exemplary record of financial
    performance and an above average earnings growth rate.
    this case, the stock is currently selling at a
    premium, and the investor is banking on future earnings
    growth to drive the stock's price
    higher. This
    information is very useful not only in knowing whether or not
    a stock has favorable price appreciation potential,
    but it also
    solves the riddle of whether to buy
    high growth, high P/E, or low growth, low P/E

    We believe that RV ratings above 1.00 are required
    to consistently achieve above average capital gains
    in the stock market.

    GRT (Growth Rate):
    TRIBY has a GRT of 23 % per year. This is excellent.
    GRT stands for forecasted Earnings Growth Rate
    percent per year. GRT is updated each week for every
    stock. Watch GRT trends very carefully. If the GRT trend
    is up, the stock's Price will
    likely rise. If the
    GRT trend is down, the stock's Price will increase
    more slowly, cease to increase, or subsequently fall.

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    • loual49:

      No, I wouldn't read a 64 page
      report. The only thing I'm looking at now is the tape,
      and the tape is the bottom line in share confidence.
      Out in the misty globe of investing the 64 pages have
      been read and ignored probably.


    • You right about Ronan and his presentation.
      He should take a valium before meetings.
      I already sent them an Email this AM.
      Suggest you do.
      Lou (ex Marine)

    • I talked w/Mark Alvino about the
      roadshow and where they are going.... They
      will go to
      New York, Boston and Philadelphia
      to do one-on-one
      presentations w/funds &
      smaller institutions that have the
      to invest in small/micro cap companies like TRIBY
      that have a proven track record of earnings... Mark
      said that is exactly their intent... they will try to
      get to the WEST coast next time.. If he is bringing
      them all the way from DUBLIN they should show some
      fruit for their effort..I told him we've been tru 3
      "other" PR firms and have heard the same story without
      ANY result..they need to dry up the float, stabilize
      the share price, buy back some shares at these levels
      and START DOING SOMETHING for the INVESTORS who have
      been patiently waiting for YEARS...Ronan needs to slow
      down when speaking publicly!! he has obviously a
      million ideas in his head but trys to spit them out all
      at once...the stupid tol1
      free number listed on
      the WEB site doesn't work and hasn't for weeks...I've
      e-mailed 2 or 3 times to find out about it and get it
      fixed..if you were a new investor and tried the toll free
      and it didn't work what would you think ?.. a lock on
      the door? ... ron

    • Has TRIBY submitted an NDE for HIV GOLD?
      If so
      why are they still doing tests?
      The CC had way too
      much detail.
      They would not take my question as I
      represented myself as private investor.
      The business and
      the money sounded good
      the rest was
      They have a 64 page report on something.
      Would you
      read a 64 page report on anything??

    • navycmdr:

      San Diego brings to mind another
      company there that dabbles in military and high tech
      stuff - "ttn". I'm going to move from cold Ireland to
      San Diego if this one does't ship up fast. I'm
      shipping out to sunny Southern CA.


    • Metflax:

      I'm a father too. and my patience
      is worn out on these microcap stocks. No matter how
      well they do, they get no credit.
      I paid 2.25 3
      yrs. ago and I think time is up because the good news
      just keeps coming and the stock just keeps selling
      The only hope is a buyout.


    • I started buying TRIBY in '94 ...
      as a
      military officer I'm not a
      patient person :-)...
      Warren Buffet
      said "they pay us for waiting "
      I look at TRIBY as a WAR of wills ...
      I should
      get a MEDAL for this !! ... ron

    • My father bought TRIBY at $2 two years ago.
      His patience is wearing thin.
      I was hoping for a PR this AM to set the stage
      for the conference call.

    • Is to hold them. If you want a quick play then buy an internet stock or a technology stock. This strategy paid of for me with SLNK recently and CADE two weeks ago. Just have patience.

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