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  • Howie58 Howie58 Apr 29, 2001 12:54 PM Flag

    TRIB Moment of Decision

    Hello Shareholders:

    I have been patient with TRIB but that is wearing a tad thin. I think that unless there is significant revenue growth, this sucker will tank. At a time when there has been at least some recovery in NASDAQ, TRIB has been floundering.

    The fact that the Europeans haven't lowered their interest rates doesn't help matters. It must means that money managers continue to look here.

    At some point, the management has to figure out how they can elevate share value. I hate to say it, but a reverse split might help if it gets institutional attention, which will not be forthcoming at 2 bucks.

    All the best,


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    • > Studies have shown that these little boards > can impact movement in small caps with
      > little volume. TRIB meets that bill.

      BS. Cite your references. I doubt your assertion very much. Which studies? Conducted by whom? Help us out here. Did you read this in the enquirer?


    • Well, I have had a pleasant dinner and some burgundy and note that my "Moment of Decision" post has garnered darts, arrows, and whatever.

      I do not wish to cause apoplectic fits for some of the posters by asserting that this quarter's earnings may have been an important "inflection point," to use Andy Grove's expression--in TRIB's market perception. My sincerest apologies if that is the case.

      My few hundred shares will not change the face of TRIB's history if I were to sell, and any futher pruchase would be of similar scale, with equally limited impact.

      Moreover, I think it is quite possible to assert that a stock will be a market performer, which is what I have been saying. Six months ago, I felt that TRIB would be an outperformer. This means I will not add to my position--but I still have enough faith that longer-term--perhaps several years--the stock will garner strength.

      In the meantime--earnings are clearly decelerating. And as recently posted--the conference calls are not what I would call stellar.

      Making these statements does not make me a basher. If TRIB's "true believers" are really angry, why not write the SEC and Arthur Levitt about the analysts who implicitly "bash" a stock by lowering a rating to neutral when they really mean sell. That would be a far more constructive use of your time.

      Yahoo boards can be a good learning experience. And I have learned from my fellow posters. Unfortunately,some seem to have an almost religious zeal--for or against the company (look at another low-priced biotech board, CVM, as an example). My feeling is that religion is best left at home or a house of worship. Granted, buying any stock is an act of faith, but in some there is more faith (and less reason) than others. And from my vantage, belief in TRIB's upward price momentum requires more faith than it did six or nine months ago. Making such an assertion does not classify me as a basher.

      With warmest regards to the TRIB flock of all persuasions,


    • well said.


    • Imho I truly think that if this co would just keep their stockholders informed would help the stock, a conference call with straight unencrypted answers would also be helpful.This does not use up co resources and promotes goodwill. Good PR on their successes isn't hype it's just good business..

    • Truce then?

      I will take you at your word also, since I have not seen these studies, and still believe the long-term effect will be negligible. My evidence to this is that stock price has been around $2.00 for quite some time, regardless of the "bashing", hense the need for management to be more proactive in their promotion of their strengths both to the public and investment community.

      An example, while not perfect, may be, a BASF commercial on TV. While they may not make the ????, they help make the ???? better. Are they marketing to the general public? I think not. But who is watching the ad?

      You may consider this bashing, but all I'm trying to say is that the management of TRIB could be more effective with their resources, and owe it to the investors to do so.

      I do enjoy watching meaningful discussion, both positive and negative (even if it means stirring the pot once and a while).

      Good day,

    • Well, well, well, a civil post with which I can agree, generally.

      Studies have shown that these little boards can impact movement in small caps with little volume. TRIB meets that bill.

      Ok, I'll take you at your word that you are't a paid basher and I assure you I'm not a paid pumper. Regardless, a little balance is long over due on this board, imo. The bashers that are here, and there are some here, must be met with at least a limited response from those who believe there is nothing to be gained by anyone pretending to be long a stock bashing it. That's not saying the basher is short they may, as I suspect in the case of TRIB, that they are merely seeking to accumulate more shares on the cheap by distorting, bashing, misrepresenting, and outright lying. Speaking only for myself, I sick and tired of all the crap and I'm going to watch to see how the bashers react to some of us messing around in what has been the bashers exclusive playpen.

    • Well thank you for your compliments. As for buying on the IPO, no. I bought in 1998, and have hoped, just like you, that after every drival that this managment has spewed that the long-term gains would be realized.

      As for being a paid basher, I wish I was. It would certainly be easy money on this board. You certainly help. As far as the bile goes, I'm done. I really do believe in free CIVIL discussion. It is JMHO that what is posted (yours or mine) on these message boards is of little to no consequence in the big scheme of things. It is just a place to express opinions. Again JMHO.


    • Look here, coonass, if you had left out the bile, your last post was fairly well written. <vbg>

      Just how many shares do you want? Better yet, how many more can you afford? Still working on your first thousand are you?

      As for the definition of fiduciary, I think its you who needs to consult a dictionary. Are you going to tell us you bought TRIB on the IPO?

      I'm sorry if you perceive me to be the messiah but I do admit it has a nice ring to it. But one thing is for sure, when potential investors come here in the future, at least there will be a few of us that don't stand back and watch you bashers persuade the newbies to look elsewhere or sell the TRIB they have. Just how many names do you post under anyway?

      HIPSHIT, now really? Can't you come up with something more creative than that? LOL

      Have a nice day or what's left of it. Now go collect your $7 for prompting a response, basher.

    • I couldn't agree more. I've posted several times on the Raging Bull site concerning the failure of Management to live up to their fiduciary responsibilities to:
      1. Keeping it's shareholders informed as to their progress, plans, etc.


      2. Aggressively promoting their business plans to achieve the highest rate of return for our investment.

      They continue to poke a thumb in the eyes of their shareholders with their lack of communication, and inaction. It's very frustrating.


      • 2 Replies to stksplit2000
      • Hello Stksplit2K:

        Well, the moment has come and I see a vast collective yawn and no real stock action--meaning that the smart money knew we were going nowhere, or that this turkey has shot its you-know-what.

        Several posters see even more shares outstanding--what the bleep?

        Your thoughts...


      • I suppose that this is a risk when you invest in a foreign security with limited U.S. institutional interest. Fund managers wouldn't tolerate this.

        Perhaps people will ask some pointed questions at the conference. Earnings dilution as a result of share issuance may have spooked investors. Three to five years down the road, there may be payoffs from the acquisitions, but that is an eternity on Wall Street.

        I would be happy if the stock went back to the 3 range.

        Best wishes,


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