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  • imdaman50000 imdaman50000 Feb 27, 2013 9:28 PM Flag

    Questions for DB or MJW

    Seems as though you guys know this company well. I'm a newbie and just found it a few days ago. A few questions.
    1. Why would IDSY sue ZIP/Avis? I would assume patent infringement. Wouldn't seem to make sense that we would sue ZIP after they become part of Avis since Avis is a large customer. Also, what amount of damages would you think IDSY would pursue?
    2. What do you think of this management team? Are they the ones that will take this company and its shareholders to the promised land? Both of you seem to think that Q4 won't be that great and from what I'm reading it sounds like the stock usually sellls off following earnings.

    Much appreciated,

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    • go through the PR's since Jan of this year. IDSY was granted a patent that deals with vehicle access which is applicable to car sharing, unattended car rental, virtual, etc. I would think something like $100/yr/car. So ZIP has 12,000 cars, or $1.2M/yr. Plus damages for the use prior to the patent being approved but after it was filed.

      This management may be the dumbest guys I have ever followed. this is literally the gang that can't shot straight. Deduct $4/sh for the incompetence of these guys

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