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  • itwillgoup itwillgoup Feb 17, 2011 9:35 PM Flag

    I don't think Cramer understands ENTR's niche business

    Aside from ARMH the other two semi stocks he mentioned are going nowhere

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    • Agreed. I made my comments before I saw what he had to say. It really wasn't a big deal. He just said he prefers other semiconductor stocks and that ENTR is involved in a little too much entertainment for his liking. As someone else mentioned, he doesn't understand that ENTR's niche is entertainment. :)

    • Think you guys are all over reacting to Cramer. He gives his opinion of stocks...sometimes he is right, sometimes he is wrong. Seems to me that when the guy is wrong, everyone points it out. When he is right, he does not get the credit. I am not saying that you should invest based on Cramer's suggestions. Just saying that just because he says that he would rather invest his money elsewhere does not mean he think this stock is a bad investment. He just thinks that there are other companies out there in the "relative" same area that he would rather invest in. Time will tell. Personally, I am hoping that this time he is wrong. Time will tell. Would be interesting to see all the so-called experts on this message board give their predictions of stocks week in and week out and see how they do. Guessing just like Cramer, there will be some winners and some losers.

    • can someone tell me what cramer said about ENTR?

    • I think you are correct about that; and actually, it is even worse: despite his own advice, he is not completely objective about what he recommends. He has mentioned CMG every single day for the last 5-7 days although it has been downgraded by a couple of analysts. On semi stocks, he has recommended UCTT (had a bad quarter and 20 percent drop the next day), MOTR (had a bad quarter and 26 percent drop the next day) & SMOD which until today had barely moved.

      Once the CEO's of certain companies come on his show and pay him "respects" the stocks for those companies will become his favorites well after target prices have been reached and profit takings have begun. In the case of CRM even after they missed their quarter (it dropped 26 percent and brough all the cloud computing stocks down with it) he continued to support the stock! How does he think ENTR is a worse investment than CRM, I can't figure.

      Also he pumps all the stocks on his own charity portfolio. So, I watch they guy, but don't necessarily act on his recommendation. I only wonder how his ignorance on ENTR will impact it tomorrow. I own 10K shares and I am down at least $8K now. Anybody else feels this may have an impact tomorrow.

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      • I hear the same crap about Cramer all the time. And like one of the replies here, the thing I hear most is "I do the opposite of what Cramer says and it works great." Aside from that being BS, I do agree that Cramer is influenced by all of the things you mention and it does make his picks difficult to understand sometimes from a pure investor/trader point of view. So despite the fact that many people think Cramer is full of crap, the problem is that these same people watch him and still react on his recommendations. I think with Cramer, it's usually more about the momentum he creates. Investors know they can jump on a stock for a day or two (short or long) just because Cramer mentioned it on his show. All this being said, I am LONG on ENTR and have 8K shares @ $10.39 cost basis so I hope his comments do not push it further in the ditch. Long term, I still believe in this company but I have to admit I have been somewhat rattled by the performance these past 2 weeks relative to the overall market. I hate to think what the stock might do if we have a major market correction anytime soon. Ah HELL, what am I saying? ENTR will probably shoot to the moon if the overall market corrects.

      • After hearing of his comments, the only conclusion I can draw is that, he hasn't bought any ENTR yet.

        I think the comments will have little impact on Friday.

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