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  • ryecattcher ryecattcher Mar 8, 2011 11:48 AM Flag

    FOOD for the (short minded) THOUGHT


    OK, the company's over, done, kapoot! You believe that the world is going wireless - doesn't want or need MoCa anymore, not even MoCa two. You're so sure of this, you're willing to sell short the leading innovator and seller of MoCa two chips and products in the world even though they've shown robust, growing sales over the past several quarters and guided higher. Hmmmmm..we are a bit arrogant and cocky? But where does such hubris emanate?

    Certainly NOT from this:*1_*1_*1_I_us_*1_50_7_R_true_*1_*2_*2_*2_*2_dsgn_*2_*2
    (apparently, as of yesterday, Entropic is EXPANDING their product development and testing facilities in San Diego CA, and is seeking a Vice President Level Executive to oversee 50 new employees as they Test New Software, Systems and the Integration Thereof.

    Oh, yeah, and the stock is now pulled back 40% off of it's highs and bounced there 3 times over the past 10 days.

    Yeah, this thing is a short. Short some more and don't cover until those new products take the world by storm, just like their prior generation counterparts. No need to cover. We will be happy to sell you a few of our shares in the low to mid 20's next quarter.

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    • securelogin59 Mar 10, 2011 11:39 AM Flag

      that's an interesting take.... but ol' moammar has been a pain in my A$$ since the mid '70's,, and Jimmy Carter couldn't deal with moaammar or that fawk head that drank his own urine over there in Iran,,, khomeini i think,,, the main stream media is using all that middle east crap for "the" catalyst,, from my chair,, i kinda think that the commodities are purty much finished for awhile, and "the market" in general is having a difficult time digesting how it's gonna handle a stronger dollar against "said commodities" ,, on a more "micro" view,, have a look at the open interest in May/August "calls" ,, as opposed to May/August "puts",, still very biased to the "up" side ?? ,, and from a contrarian stance,, we just may trade a range in the $2 to $2.50 "swing category" ,, i didn't say "per share",, i said a $2.50 "range" , say $8 ish to $10.50 ish,, and once the "earnings season begins" for the 1st quarter 2011,, and "if" these guys do what they say they gonna do,, and "IF" the analysts don't have parabolic expectations,, the share price just "may" level off a bit,, but can you imagine a 2 cent "miss" on expectations,, and the subsequent "tank" ??? ,, so much goes on behind the curtain man

    • securelogin59 Mar 10, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

      sonny,, junior,, "i'm gonna learn a painful lesson" ?? ,, there are very few "lessons" MORE painful, than attempting to make sense out of some moron on a message board,, kinda like you for instance,, and seeing as how you have "no position" ,, and generally nothing to add to any thread,, why don't ya take it down the road junior,,, there's YOUR lesson for the day !!

    • Mini-correction in my opinion. I think we have been correcting for the past couple of weeks. Sector pullbacks and low volumes of late. I think we are looking at a more broader short term 5-10% correction.I honestly believe this will all end once the Middle East and Libya tensions subside.

    • OK, so I bought the stock at $13 when it was headed UP with all the positive guidance, momentum, etc.

      So what the fock happened?

    • And I'll bet you make more money on stocks (or lose less today) than most of us posting on this board. Best of luck to you.

      Any feel for whether this is a "mini" correction or the beginning of a sustained bear trend? I haven't a clue myself! I will definitely be wary of snapping up "bargains" though until I have figured it out.

    • Very wise comments- I totally agree

    • Great post. I feel bad for longs that are scared and are selling now. My portfolio consits of this company, PWER, and ASYS and I'm down 16.2% this week. It is definitely painful, but I'll have the last laugh when I check out my returns a year from now. Good luck to all longs.

    • I like your thinking, great post. People thought Apple was a joke a few years back when they fell to an all time low.

    • "Maybe the hedge funds who are short have a better understanding of the future."

      Good point. Maybe my favorite one of this whole discussion. And also why its a good idea to look at "% of float that is short" and to look at a stock chart before one buys into a stock. Those two other little "helpers" can save one a lot of money. Using only published fundamentals and articles that are quoting the fundamentals cost investors billions yearly. Or, as many people say, "follow the money". That could be interpreted as: "if the funds aren't buying, or are selling, the price will fall". We don't want to be going long in a stock that the funds don't want to get into right now. If they want to get in, there will be at least the beginning of an uptrend showing on a chart. Short interest will also probably be dropping. Now if the fundamentals look good, you have a safer reason to buy.

    • exactly. I have no position in the stock actually.

      Anyone who says anything you don't like.."kiss off!".

      Closed minded fools lose their money in the stock market.

      You will learn a painful lesson.

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