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  • tblant2000 tblant2000 Jun 9, 2011 10:41 PM Flag

    Moca vs.

    This is about 9 months old, but some good information. Its like a boxing match where the opponents alternate winning rounds. score 1 for moca, round two to, and so on....

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    • The guys rational that AT&T is outselling Verizon is not relevant in any way. They are not competitors in TV or homephone because consumers don't have any choice. I would love to get Verizon, but I live in an area serviced by AT&T. The only way that can change is if someone buys someone.

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      • actually the story indicates that VZ is outselling T ... VZ has invested hundreds of millions in the FiOS product, the buildout was spectacular, but very costly, but VZ has very few "sparsely populated areas" , and could get decent penetration, or "bang for buck", T on the other hand does have a dense population base, but nothing like VZ as "they" actually divested most of their wireline in "rural" or sparsely populated areas of the U.S. to Frontier Comm last year. And "having no choice" in TelCom carriers is irrelevant due to the fact that VZ is really the only one to have any "content" to speak of, and FiOS Fast internet access, while T has taken a more conservative approach regarding Internet, and has chosen to upgrade their "twisted copper pair, "plant"" and offer the DSL product via ATM, some "Phone Companies" are experiencing congestion at the ATM level due in part to MEGS of bandwidth being used by the NetFlix revolution, and have had to upgrade to the IP "backbone" , a temporary solution, to a very on going problem, Bandwidth vs Cost application for the subscriber. When one compares the cost of T vs VZ platforms, one finds quickly that VZ spent a tonne of $$ on FiOS, and for the 25-50meg asynchronous,, well the $150/mo is a little on the hi side for most residences, considering it doesn't include any programming content. Most "telcos" are bundling with one of the Satellite providers these days, and no matter, COAX, may "always" look like it has the upper hand initially, but the seperateness of dedicated facilities in the DSL application is always superior, to the shared bandwidth plan to the neighborhood via coax. The areas where i live and have worked in the past are now able to provide up to 100mbs with the FTTN application, with approx 80% efficiency at a 1/2 mile from the node.... but with the Coax being provisioned by cable operators at a somewhat slower rate to the neighborhoods, and NONE to the rurals, leaving choices limited to either the DSL format, or Satellite, well, why blow yer whole bandwidth wad, or tip yer hand until it's necessary ? ,,, there'll be some more obama money coming for rural expansion of High Speed Internet,, so all is not lost "yet" for those customers more rural in nature.

    • I think MoCA is good. Cable companies are embracing MoCA and I think they will be hesitant to switch to a new technology that hasn't been used very much after recently adopting MoCA. I read in another article that MoCA is the most reliable of all the technologies. I will try to find the article.

      In the article you posted, it said was more consumer friendly, yet it needed an instal man to come in. Just like MoCA. So I'm not sure what they mean by consumer friendly.

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