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  • ugarph1977 ugarph1977 Apr 8, 2012 10:14 AM Flag

    APPLE TV and Broadcom

    How will Apple TV affect ENTR?

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    • Apple is known worldwide for creating new product revolutions. As such, Apple has enjoyed the benefits of being first to market on previous products. As such, they have been great at creating anticipation for their products. In other words, they are probably better at creating hype for their products than the actual product superiority over competing products, imo. I believe Samsung has excellent products but they are victim to Apple's over-ratings, imo.

      That said, AppleTV with or without Broadcom's products can only help Entropic very significantly. AppleTV, GoogleTV, SamsungTV, smartTV, IPTV ( whatever, you name it) will revolutionize the TV experience as never seen before. All waves lift all boats and Entropic is at the forefront to lead the way.

      Service providers will not stay behind the new product revolution as they seek to maximize their revenues in the delivery of HD video and other multimedia content that consumers are demanding. Nowadays, most kids have video content on their phones. The video quality and the time to deliver same nowadays has so much room for improvement.

      Enter MoCA 2.0. 90+ million homes already have coax cable installed. Therefore, the MSO's already have the fundamental infrastructure in place to take advantage of MoCA 2.0. The DBS companies, and telephone companies will also be there to maintain the competitive pressure on each other. They will fight for the customer. Therefore, it is in their best interest to bring in the content, and service that the consumer is requesting.

      There has been a wide proliferation of connected devices in the home that will be made to interact with each other as video is streamed from product to product.

      The question now is how long before we see ENTR benefiting from the new revolution (the third wave). The company has told us that they are already winning projects that are taking traction. ENTR is ahead of BRCM in this respect. Furthermore, ENTR has done the deals and reference designs for many complementary products with INTC, Marvell, Zenverge, et al. The acquisition of Trident will add to the pie with the current revenue and potential new revenue as the company takes advantage of the synergies between the two. Verizon, a customer of both ENTR and BRCM, has announced mobile video by year end. They will be integrating the new service with their wireless, and pay TV customers as well as cable company partners. So, 2013 is looking as envisioned by ENTR.

      Today's stock price presents a really good entry point, imo. In answer to a previous poster regarding my opinion on the long term price target for the stock, all I can say is that a 20 P/E ratio on $0.60 eps is something that the market will be willing to pay. In other words, $12 in eighteen months is what I am estimating.

      The above is of course just a humble man's opinion.

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