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  • propaganda_era propaganda_era May 8, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    Bumlicker.go back to your bosses and ask them for "hazardous duty pay".

    The other posters here are clearly way to smart for you. They're "chumping" each and every negative argument you make! lol - it's almost like you're having a reverse effect of the intended. Honestly, you'd do better sweeping floors and swabbing johns.

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    • good observation propaganda_era.
      Unfortunately the dullard is not only convinced he is 'winning', but that no one knows about his other aliases.
      His mental illness, in effect, insulates him from the 'chumping'.
      Which provides the rest of us with free entertainment..

    • I've made a fortune just by not being long this stock. The requirement for PROOF is on the person who makes the allegation, not on the person demanding proof. That's going to be a little deep for you.

      You'd do better not owning this dog, but fools and their money.

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      • Bumlicker,
        It's hard for me to prove it on a message board, but the "tells" are all there. First from the side of SPEED. SPEED kills dopes like you. My friends who work in IT at a major exchange tell me it's VERY real. Which is why "office space" lease costs go up exponentially in value the closer you get to the major exchanges back bone servers. THEN there's the other consideration: TRADE ROUTING. I am a programmer who specializes in routines to test market environments and implement a specific strategy once the situation presents itself. This is also known as "Algo" trading. Yesterday, you were encouraged to check out the work of Jessie Livermore to find a credible explanation on how the markets work. The FACT remains, sheeple (public market participants as well as many fund managers), utilize trend following "devices" in order to time their buys and sells. For many amateurs, the "device" of choice is their emotions. But the "Smart" money utilizes metrics that measure the beta of short, medium and longterm trendlines and the "breaks" and "reversals" thereof. By estimating the value of the follow thru in a given market environment, we are able to then calculate exactly how much money we can afford to "invest" (aka LOSE) and still make money on the follow thru of the trend we just artificially broke. It costs a lot of money to "paint the tape" but yes, we do it all the time when the proper risk-reward presents itself. Most of the time the return for my companies particular form of paint, (I call it a "reverse fade") is in excess of 2:1. We make two dollars for every dollar we lose buying or selling at a less than optimal). Most of you look for the best bid or ask you can find but not us. We look for the WORST bid or ask and "HIT" it if it accomplishes our objectives - to move sheeple to the point they collectively DIVE off of a clff. Is it legal? You bet.
        I hope this helps and I hope you S--the F --- UP. We are getting sick of all of your panty wringing.

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