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  • chuckroast2004 chuckroast2004 Aug 28, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    Stock price

    Realistically, where could we be headed short term ? I think $5.00 would be about it for now. If they execute, where could the stock price be after 2014 ?

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    • I predicted $6 by Christmas. Many think this is a $12. stock and some say $20. I think that with all this momentum we could see what we've seen the last two days, buys in the morning driving the price up, then some profit taking. Where it will end....I do have dreams about it and they are no longer nightmares.

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      • Ha Ha - $12? $20? You really have no idea what this company does do you? Are you just pulling these figures out of mid air? Do you realize the multiple this stock would have at 12 or 20? This company has yet to prove it can provide growth in any dependable fashion. Lets see a few quarters of growth in both revenue and eps before you start dreaming of double digit stock price. Sorry, but that is reality.

        I do think the stock is on an upwards swing that should continue. Insider buys and progress towards their goals justify a higher stock price. But I would think $6 - $7 is more likely and that is only if it can return to normalized earnings which will not happen until the Trident acquisition is fully integrated with their SoC business. Think fully integrated solution in production and generating revenues. I believe they guided end of 2014 as the current target. Then I think they are bought out before they hit double digits on their own. Once they prove themselves some larger company will gobble them up. That is when you will see a nice premium.

      • $6 will be just fine for Christmas, still, Im sure that if the company actually reports some solid earnings and Patrick steps up the plate and makes 3 or 4 more 10,000 share buys, we could have a real dooozy of a rally. Im thinking $14 by Valentines Day.

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